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28 Oct 2014 ... Let's try it with Bernstein's sentence: “The law allows a $25 fine or thirty days ... Nonetheless, if in the course of your own writing you find one of ... Starting Sentences with "And" or "But" | Get It Write Online

Comma Before Such As | Grammarly Blog 2016-10-17 · How to Use Such As in a Sentence. Use such as to provide specific examples of something you’re talking about. If the specific examples aren’t essential to the accuracy of your sentence, then use a comma before such as and after your example, unless the example is at the very end of the sentence. How to Use A vs. An in a Sentence | The Classroom The odds are that you’ve been using “an” in a sentence sometimes when you should have used “a” and vice versa. “A” and “an” are indefinite articles, which are used to indicate how many of a certain noun you’re talking about. In other languages, such as Spanish, indefinite articles also indicate the gender of …

For Example. Lesson Topic: Introducing Examples (Using "For Example" and Phrases Like "For Example") . Good writers explain their ideas well. One way they explain their ideas is to include examples which make the writer's thoughts much more concrete, practical, and comprehensible to the reader.

You'd be hard pressed to find a style guide that doesn't admonish you to drop "and/or" and choose either "and" or "or." In writing either and or or is usually adequate. If a greater distinction is needed, another phrasing is available : X or Y, or both. Is it appropriate to use "and/or" in a sentence, and how else ... 5 Answers. As you have used either in the first part of your sentence, the second part of the sentence must only use or, as either-or is a complementary pair, one must follow the other. Either-and would not make the correct grammatical sense. In the above case, the use use of either-or and and would make two drastically different sentences. A vs. An: When to Use A or An in a Sentence - Writing Explained When to Use A. The basic rule for using a in a sentence is. Use a before words, abbreviations, acronyms, or letters that begin with a consonant sound, regardless of their spelling.

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How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One eBook: Stanley Fish ... How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One eBook: Stanley Fish: Amazon.in: Kindle Store. Simon Blackburn Reviews Stanley Fish's "How To Write a Sentence ...

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While quotations are necessary for most types of writing, too many quotation marks, whether double or single quotation marks, can make your writing seem heavy-handed. To ensure quotation marks have been properly used in your writing, consider sending it to the professionals at Scribendi for proofreading . Commonly Confused Words: - Home | Towson University In present tense, this sentence would say Since were means the same as the past tense of are in this sentence, it is the correct word to use. SUGGESTION: To test whether were is the correct word to use in a sentence, see if you can use are in its place, putting the sentence into the present tense. Using 'is' and 'are' is a sentence... Example a) A large range of books is available b) A large range of books are available I would use b when speaking or writing, as it sound correct to me; a just doesn't Using 'is' and 'are' is a sentence...

learn words in a sentence. She passed away two days ago. He passed away quite suddenly. Her mother passed away last year.

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How to write complex sentences - englishgrammar.org 2014-1-13 · How to write complex sentences. January 12, 2014 - A complex sentence consists of one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses joined together with the help of subordinating conjunction(s). Two clauses connected by relative pronouns or relative adverbs are also examples of complex sentences.